Grupo Custódio Forzza

Grupo Custódio Forzza

Founded in 1960, the Grupo Custódio Forzza has based its corporate evolution on solid pillars. Its experience and tradition in the coffee market, where it has been the largest trader of conilon coffee in the country and one of the ten biggest coffee exporters of Brazil, have allowed the group to enjoy long-term commitments with its customers, assuring the quality of its products and services.

Divided into four business units, the Group Custódio Forzza is active in all phases of the coffee supply chain. Two units are directly related to the coffee industry: Custódio Forzza Comércio e Exportação Ltda. and Armazéns Gerais Forzza Ltda., which, in addition to coffee, sell and stockpile cocoa beans. The other two units which are part of the Group´s portfolio are Forzza Fomento Mercantil Ltda. and Custódio Forzza Agrícola e Pecuária Ltda.

All of these companies follow the same guidelines, such as innovation, technical qualification of their collaborators, partnering with their customers, a careful selection in purchasing the merchandise, and strict control of the processes designed to assure that the products conform to market requeriments. These are values which underpin their continuous growth and sustainability, winning recognition along the way.

The shared management of these companies allow the optimization of resources and maximization of results.

Have devolted over 65 years to agribusiness, the group has established a solid commercial relationship with customers in over 45 countries around the world, supported by the structure and expertise required to reprocess and prepare the products for export, complemented by an in-depth knowledge of the market and the most modern IT systems. The group also maintains close relations with producers, cooperatives and distributors, allowing it to offer customized logistic solutions which are reinforced by its own assets endowed with large operational capacity.

The group currently sells 1.7 million bags of coffee per year, of which 1 million is exported and 700 thousand bags sold on the domestic market. The Group has three warehouses with a storage capacity of 360 thousand bags. It operates seven properties totaling 11 thousand hectares, locate in the States of Espírtio Santo and Bahia. The most recent business of the Group is Forzza Fomento Mercantil, a factoring operation with a net worth of R$ 13 million, and an annual turnover of R$ 100 million.